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Why Silentsport??? Click here for the answer!
Silent Sport™-Insulation-Material (for 2-Stroke Motorcycles)

Everyone knows the problem: Sport drivers buy an aftermarket exhaust system (with or without ABE), which in the new condition meets valid noise limit values. After a short time however, the insulation/packing material is burned out and the noise levels rises enormously, while the performance increase sinks. And everyone also knows the problem with traffic controls. Sound testing is done and the measured noise level counts. The company SP Schalldämm Technologie offers a solution: Silent Sport™ insulation material. And later, the new product; Silent Sport™ Premium™. TÜV examined, this new material clearly offers again increased service life. This is reached by increased temperature stability and resistance against aggressive chemical compounds in the exhaust gases. A further clear advantage gained from Silent Sport™ Premium™ is over 30% less weight of necessary insulating material filling.
Silent Sport™ and Silent Sport Premium™ are available in 250g, 400g or 500g bags from Germany. And 250g, 450g or 700g bags in North America.

This table shows the recommended filling density for different applications:
Engine: Application: Comment: Material: Filling density:
2-StrokeOnroad-Silent Sport™160g/Litre
 Motocross-Silent Sport™160g/Litre
4-StrokeOnroad<60HP/LitreSilent Sport PREMIUM™160g/Litre
 Onroad>60HP/LitreSilent Sport PREMIUM™180g/Litre
 Onroadwith catalytic converterSilent Sport PREMIUM™200g/Litre
 Motocross-Silent Sport PREMIUM™220g/Litre

Tool to calculate the filling weight of a silencer can be found here: Filling Weight Calculator!
Refilling instruction can be found here!
Muffler Packing Material has three functions:
  • Sound absorption
  • Heat Barrier
  • Core Support

Please consider when washing your machine that the muffler outlet is plugged in order to prevent water from penetrating. Damp or wet packing material increases the weight of your machine dramatically! The noise insulation is likewise impaired by saturation of the dampening material with unburned oil or deposit of burnt carbon particles. These signs point to a rich condition on carburetion or fuel injection mapping.
In this case, ask your specialist dealer for advice.
To repack your muffler, take it apart, remove old packing completely, clean every part (especially the inner core) and check every part for cracks or other damage. Put inner core back into the muffler body. Start to refill the muffler from the rear end by wrapping strands of material around the inner core and push them with a stick or similar tool to the front end of the muffler.
Attention: Do not wrap to tight or push to hard but make sure that no empty space is left.
After the muffler is completetly filled, you must be able to push the packing material about one inch more into the can. Never pack to tight! Now mount the cap and seal the muffler with heat-resistant silicone.
Further information and dealer inquiries: Phone +49 (2153) 7196 97.
Silent Sport™ is used by KTM Sportmotorcycle AG as well as prominent exhaust manufacturers and race teams team. They have the utmost confidence of Silent Sport™ technology!

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