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REVPACK™-units were developed with the aim of delivering high performance silencer packages to our customers, which enable uncomplicated, professional and functional reliable repair of absorption silencers. An integrated assembly aid (cardboard tube) makes instalaltion easy.
Silencer packages are designed as a Wrapping-REVPACK™ (without assembly aid) for silencers with an oval perforated inner core.
A manual how to install a REVPACK™ can be found here!
A manual how to install a Scooter REVPACK™ can be found hier!
Muffler Packing Material has three functions:
  • Sound absorption
  • Heat Barrier
  • Core Support

REVPACK™-units are available for many brands and types of silencers. The characteristics of the silencer packages are adapted exactly to the relevant silencer and its intended purpose. Strict control procedures ensure a constant quality of REVPACK™-units.

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